High Level – Grande Prairie

High Level – Peace River – Grande Prairie

$120 per person, one way. Prices subject to change. There is no need to call ahead to reserve seating. Reservations are only required for intermediate stops (such as Paddle Prairie, Keg River, Fairview, etc). Prices vary for intermediate stops – see the Fare Calculator. Schedule may vary due to passengers and road conditions.

Schedule – 6 days a week. No Saturday service.

Heading South to Grande Prairie

Departing the Fourwinds Centre Hotel lobby, High Level, at 10:00 am arriving at the Ramada Inn/Husky in Grande Prairie at 3:00 pm.

High Level 10:00 am Fourwinds Centre Hotel
Paddle Prairie 10:45 am Paddle Store (Call for pick-up)
Keg River 11:00 am  (Call for pick-up)
Manning 12:00 pm North Town Esso
Grimshaw 1:10 pm Subway (on the service road – call for pick up)
Fairview 1:50 pm Dunvegan Inn
Grande Prairie 3:00 pm Ramada Inn/Husky

Heading North to High Level – Six (6) days a week (no Saturday service)

Departing Ramada Inn/Husky, Grande Prairie, at 3:15 pm arriving at the Fourwinds Centre Hotel lobby in High Level at 8:00 pm.

Grande Prairie 3:15 pm Ramada Inn/Husky
Fairview 4:30 pm Dunvegan Inn
Grimshaw 5:15 pm Subway (on the service road)
Manning 6:15 pm North Town Esso
Keg River 7:15 pm  (Call for pick-up)
Paddle Prairie 7:30 pm Paddle Store (Call for pick-up)
High Level 8:30 pm Fourwinds Centre Hotel


Grande Prairie location: Ramada Inn/Husky Truck Stop High Level location: FOUR WINDOWS cENTRE

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