About Us


Northern Express Bus Line Ltd. is a family-owned business based in High Level, Alberta. We’ve been in operation since 2005, starting out with 14-passenger vans, and we’ve been adding to our fleet ever since. Sometimes, more people show up at the departure point than we were expecting, so we put another bus on the road — We never leave anyone behind.

Our drivers are friendly, safety-minded and fully qualified. Our stops are casual — usually 5-10 minutes — and when everyone’s back on, we go!

Contact Us


High Level 780-926-0808
Edmonton 780-983-8225
Fax 780-926-8824

About Our Buses

The workhorse of the fleet is our modern 55-passenger coaches. They are very comfortable, and washroom-equipped.

For smaller groups, we run 14-passenger vans. A trailer is available to pull for cargo and luggage if needed.

MCI bus Panorama